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Coming Events

Lancaster Kid Show

Saturday February 25th at 2:00
Several young magicians from the Lancaster area will be performing their magic under the direction of Doc Yoder. Admission is FREE!

Eric Jones Lecture

Rescheduled for April - $30.00 admission
Sign up early for priority seating and learn some of Eric’s favorite magic. He fooled Penn & Teller on “Fool Us”, but he will not fool you during this lecture.
Click here to learn about Eric Jones.

24 Hour Magic Marathon

Friday May 5th at 5:00 thru Saturday, May 6th at 5:00
$5.00 admission and stay as long as you like.
$15.00 admission and come and go as you please during the 24 hours.
Many magicians will volunteer their time and perform a 15 – 20 minute magic show every half hour around the clock from 5:00
Friday afternoon tll 5:00 Saturday afternoon. All proceeds benefit “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” in memory of Shelli Lafferty.


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