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Welcome to the Mingus Magic Shop.

All flowers are made from the highest quality feathers, and the workmanship is the best. Every flower, on every bouquet, on every effect, is made and assembled by hand. All effects are guaranteed. Purchase these items in our Ebay store.

3 Scarves

Magician shows 3 scarves together in his right hand, each a different color. Then, one by one, each scarf is transferred to the left hand. Magician reaches beneath the three scarves and produces a beautiful flower and places it in a stand. Flower is about 5” in diameter on a 9” stem. Comes complete with 3 scarves, flower, and stand as pictured.
demo video.

Blooming Flower

Yellow Mini Blooming Flower by Mingus Magic. Can be used as a blooming flower, vanishing flower or lost flower. Great for kid shows. Flower measures about 3" in diameter and stem is about 12" tall. High quality from the leader in feather flower magic. In business since 1938.
demo video.

Multiplying Flower

Magician shows a single flower about 5” in diameter on a 12’ long stem. Then at his will it doubles and he now has one flower in each hand. Only a few seconds later, the flower triples and the magician has a total of 3 colorful flowers,
demo video.

Wilting Flower

Red Mini Wilting Flower from the Mingus Magic Shop. The flower is about 3" in diameter and the stem is about 10" tall. Manufacturer of top quality feather flower magic. Flower will 'wilt' or 'droop' upon your command. You have complete control at all times.
demo video.


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